Meet Maxime Gauvin - Sender Gear Brand Ambassador

How long have you been climbing?

  • I started climbing at the age of 14 years old back home in Laval, Quebec. I fell in love with climbing since that first time I climbed at the gym! I was introduced to outdoor climbing a couple months after that in Val David, Quebec and it's still one of my favorite place to climb!

Maxime Gauvin

Do you have a particular discipline of climbing that you favour most?

  • I do every type of climbing (bouldering, sport and trad). I do prefer sport climbing since I like the heights a lot! 
How else are you involved in climbing?
  • I've been coaching kids since I was 18. I love coaching the new generation, seeing the progress and how much I influence them.
  • I've been setting on and off since I started climbing. Buts its only in the last 3 years I've been full time setter at Grand River Rocks. 

Frenchual Harassment V9 - Maxime Gauvin from Jack Szumilas on Vimeo.