CAMP Energy harness review: by Mateja

This review is on the CAMP Energy harness.

The colour of the harness is very vibrant. The blue colour pops a lot. The green and blue go well together. 


The Energy harness is very comfortable. The waist belt is super comfortable and I don't feel any strain taking falls or when I am lowered after a climb. However I do feel the leg loops a bit on lowering


Belaying in the harness is super comfortable. The waist belt is very thick and has lots of support for my back.

Tightening the harness waist belt is easy because you just pull the strap. However the leg loops are harder to tighten because you have to push both sides of the leg loop through the buckle. 


The Energy harness fits me very well. I am small so I have to tighten the harness a lot ( I wear a size small in the Energy), but I do not have to over tighten. Overall the Energy harness is a great fitting and comfortable harness for both climbing and belaying. 

And its super light, with vibrant colours and 4 gear loops. 



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