Clean Shoes are Sticky Shoes.

Having 2 competitive kid crushers in the house, we have learned a few tricks over the years to keeping our climbing shoes sticky. A pre competition routine we always follow is cleaning our climbing shoes before a competition.

Why? Clean Shoes are sticky shoes. Its that simple. Secondly clean shoes allows you to have confidence in your foot placement. 

So how do we clean clean climbing shoes? Simply wipe the soles of your climbing shoes with a damp cloth.

Nah: I have wiped them but it didn't help.

Haha...there is another step to getting them to be sticky again. Once your shoes are clean and dry, take the soles and rub them together briskly to generate heat. Once the soles are done, move to the heels and repeat. 

After a bit of practice and feel, your clean shoes will be as sticky as they were the day you pulled them out of the box. 

The picture below is a pair of Tenaya Oasi which at this point are about 6 months old and with a lot of climbing and competition wear on them. 

clean shoes are sticky shoes 

A little bit of care and maintenance will go a long way in keeping your kicks as awesome as they were when they were brand new.

Clean shoes are sticky shoes. Have fun on the volumes and little foot chips again. 

clean shoes are sticky shoes

If you have any questions about how to clean your shoes, please feel free to shoot us an email.

Climb hard, have fun and happy sends.

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