Mad Rock Mountain Mama Harness

Getting ready to bring your own little krusher into the world but still looking to enjoy yourself at the climbing gym or at the crag?  Mad Rock has partnered with clothing company Mountain Mama to create the first made by women for women pregnancy harness that was named Outside Magazine's "Best New Gear for Active Families".  

The Mountain Mama Harness is designed to provide comfort and safety that a traditional harness is unable to provide for expectant mothers.  This harness was designed for top rope climbing and will give you all the security you need to keep krushing and active.  Why invest in a generic full body harness that was not designed with you in mind?  

Our goal here at Sender Gear is to help every member of the family to enjoy and explore together.  We are committed to providing you the best and highest quality of products and are excited to allow all women to enjoy climbing safely and comfortably at all times.  

The Mad Rock Mountain Mama harness is available here at Sender Gear:

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