Mad Rock Kids Mad Badger Review - by Danimal

So your budding sender is just loving climbing. Constantly asking "are we going climbing today,  when are we going climbing again". They are krushing hard and their rock shoes are just getting destroyed.  Yes we have been there a time or two LOL. 

Let Danimal guide the way. Our kid krusher has destroyed a lot of rock shoes climbing hard. 

burnt out toes

Climbing since she was 4 yeas old, Dani has put a variety of kids shoes through their paces. 

The Mad Rock Kids badger is designed as a gym rental shoe. For kids that climb a substantial about of hours per week, the Badger is a great shoe. Durable and comfortable, the badger should be part of your krushers arsenal of climbing footware. 

badgers kids badger

 Lets have a look at the Danimal's report:

Kids Badger review

 1. Yes the rubber does last a long time. A rubber toe cap helps ensure longevity.

2.Yup Velcro. Kids love velcro. The Badger has the main flap to lock the foot in, along with a side strap to lock the heel. A single loop is more than enough to get these slipper style shoes on and off.

3.  You can tell the Danimal has worn these Badgers a long time lol. Out of the box, the Badgers have a very distinct colour scheme. You can spot these from across the crag or gym, and you know they are Mad Rocks.

4. A flat shoe is a great base for young kids to develop footwork, without adding the discomfort of crushed toes allowing a child's to foot grow naturally.  Let them have fun and develop good technique before introducing a more aggressive shoe.

5. "The shoe fits really good and you can adjust the side".  Kids love the Badgers.

Mad Badgers outside

And now for a parents analysis of the Badger:

The assigned values below are based on a scale of 1 -10

1. Quality - 10 The badger is designed to be a gym rental shoe for heavy use.  The loop on the back makes it easy to slip on and the wide velcro strap will not tear due to your child taking them on and off. Made in kids whole sizes, the adjustable side strap side will remove the necessity of heel cups or fillers.

2. Durability - 10  Our little krusher trained in these shoes for 10 hours a week.  The Badgers were able to keep up with her.  No matter how many heel hooks, bat hangs or smears,these shoes kept up.  This will ensure for a longer lasting shoe as your child can wear them to accommodating a quickly growing foot. The Badger allows kids to develop good footwork thru the use of a reinforced toe cup and a great edge in the rubber along the big toe, which will allow kids to be confident with foot placement on little chips.

3. Cost Analysis - At a price point of $61.00, this an excellent shoe for young krushers. 10 Hours a week of climbing is a fairly substantial amount of climbing time for any pair of shoes. We are confident that your child will outgrow these shoes before they wear out.  

4. Suitability -The Badger is a shoe that performs incredibility well for young climbers who are starting to develop their own style of climbing.  If your child is ready to transition into team training and competition climbing, the Badger is a great tool to have in your kid krushers tool kit.  It will definitely keep up with what ever is thrown at it.  

5. Fit vs Complaints: The only time you should hear any complaints about the Badger? When child has started to outgrow them. And with a relatively flat design, your kids can be in this shoe for hours on end.

The Badger is not a common kids shoe. Value priced, it delivers durability and allows kids to develop great footwork.

Buy the Mad Rock Kids Badger with confidence. Kid Krusher approved.

The Badger is available at Sender Gear: