Mad Rock Lotus review - by our Kid Krusher Danimal

In this article, our kid krusher and gear reviewer, assesses the Mad Rock Lotus at our home climbing gym.

On a typical Canadian winter evening, fighting thru snow squalls and slick roads, heading to the gym is a scheduled event at our house. Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays are climbing nights.

The Danimal puts the Lotus thru its paces at the gym between a hard bouldering session, and then switching off to leading out some newly set routes.

After a proper warm up, our krusher starts her training session. This session focuses on good footwork, and technique. The Lotus certainly gives your krusher the confidence in gripping power and comfort, to train for a few hours at a time and focus on foot placement and other drills. 


Dani's criteria for a shoe review is based on 5 elements:

Colour, Fit, Performance, Closure system, Rubber Assessment (grip): attached is Danimals report:

  A 9 year old approves of the arch in a climbing shoe? The Lotus is in our performance category of shoes. With its moderately aggressive down turn, the Lotus is a great step up for your kid krusher.

1. Coming out of a much flatter kids entry shoe, The Lotus will allow them to improve on technique. The heel of the Lotus is well thought out, and supportive.  

2. The Lotus is a narrow volume shoe, designed for women. With a properly sized shoe, kids krushers now can be comfortable and enjoy the benefits of improved fit, without the discomfort.

3. Back to those heels lol. A pronounced strip of rubber runs right down the middle of the heel, and the rubber grip of the shoes "is like when you put a piece of gum under a table and it is impossible to remove when dry"

Looking at the back of the lotus, you can see why our krusher enjoys these shoes. With solid rubber protecting the Achilles and back of the foot, your krusher can really wrench down throwing hooks, without discomfort or pinching as they experience in a starter shoe.


4. From an aesthetics point of view, the Lotus is a great looking shoe. Vibrant colours and flow, the Lotus delivers in the looks department.


5. Getting the shoes on or off is a breeze with the double loops. and what kid doesn't like Velcro? The single strap allows our krusher to get those shoes snug. And as a competition climber, Danimal does take her shoes on and off between climbs.

And now for a parents analysis of the Lotus:

The assigned values below are based on a scale of 1 -10

1. Quality - 10 The Lotus is a well put together shoe. Double loops help putting the shoe on very easy. Super sticky, and a single Velcro strap get our approval

2. Durability - 10 Our little krusher trains 10 hours a week. The Lotus is up to the task. The shoe wear and her foot growth have matched up very well. By the time she wears these shoes out , she will be ready for a sizing change anyway. Update: after well over 100 hours of cumulative climbing time, the Lotus is still performing as if it were new, and wearing like iron.

3. Cost analysis - 10 At a price point of $119.00, this an excellent shoe for young krushers. 10 Hours a week of climbing is a fairly substantial amount of climbing time for any pair of shoes. Our krusher already has over 100 hours accumulated time in the Lotus. Break that number down further, the Lotus will realistically cost....pennies per hour of usage.

4. Suitability - The Lotus is a performance shoe that fits kids incredibly well. If your child is new to climbing, we recommend something less aggressive. Competition climbers / kids who's technical movement is progressing will be benefit from precision of the Lotus.The Lotus is well suited for kids who train frequently / high usage.

5. Fit vs Complaints :Kids will accept some level of discomfort, but with he Lotus, we actually have to tell Dani to take her shoes off between sessions. As per the Danimal "The shoes fit perfect, except for 1 little spot under my arch where I have  bit of space". When kids like the shoes on their feet, you will actually have to remind them to take them off between projects and during snack breaks.

Overall, the Lotus is a great shoe. Value priced, and delivers the performance that typically is reserved for shoes that cost substantially more. Buy the Lotus with confidence. Kid Krusher approved.

The Lotus is available at Sender Gear: