The Boreal Diabola - Reviewed by our Kid Krusher Danimal

In this review, our little kid krusher works out routes and boulder problems in the Boreal Diabola. 
Leading out a sport climb at our home gym, Danimal puts the Diabola to the test.
Danimal working out the Diabola
Danimal's average training session is 3.25 hours 3 times a week.
Lets have a look at Dani's report on the Diabola: 
Sender Gear Diabola Review
 Breaking down Dani's report:
1. There's not a lot of colour on the shoe. Good news, Boreal will be releasing a new version of the Diabola later in 2017 (late spring/early summer). More colour, and very vibrant. The new Diabola on the left, Mens Diabolo on the right.
2017 Boreal Diabola/ Diabolo
2. The twin Velcro starps make it breeze to get the Diabola secured.
3. With a starting size of a UK 3 (US Women's 5) the Diabola is a comfortable shoe with all around good performance. Puffy in the toe can have its benefits
4. As with all Boreal climbing shoes, sticky is the name of the game
5. The Diabola is a good bridge for kids coming out of a basic kids shoe, but who may not be ready for an aggressive shoe and are still developing good foot work.
Diabola Sender Gear  Danimal sport climbing
Parents analysis of the Diabola:
1 Quality: As with all Boreal climbing shoes, the quality of build is very good. Reliable and comfortable.
2. Durability:  If your kid krusher's feet are still growing, they will definetly out grow this shoe before the burn it out.
3. Cost analysis: At a price point of $134.97 the Diabola is well beyond kids shoe pricing, however it is on par with other shoes in its class. 
4. Suitability: The Diabola is better suited to older kids / youth who are still developing good footwork techniques. The shoe is very supportive to allow budding senders to develop foot strength prior to moving into a more aggressive shoe.
5. Fit Vs Complaint: The Diabola is a very comfortable shoe. The only complaints you should here about the Diabola is if your krusher has outgrown them.
The Boreal Diabola is a very durable, comfortable shoe desiged for a womens foot. Why are we including it in a kids collection? With a starting shoe size of a US Womens 5, the Diabola is a great all around climbing shoe that works well for kids. 
The Diabola is available for $134. 97 at Sender Gear in both the kids shoes section and in the comfort collection.