Flashed Shogun - Crash Pad Rental

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The new standard in crash mat size! But don’t be fooled, this extra large mat has a small carry feel. A modular harness that fits all, stash pocket for keys, guides, and small items are few of the Flashed Innovations on this world class mat.


66” x 42” x 4"
Weight: 8.3kgs / 18.3lbs
Color: Blue / Yellow


  • Burrito folding design.
  • Hypalon on all corners and folding points for added durability.
  • 4 inches of high quality foam, stacked closed-cell over open-cell for great force     dispersal and no bottoming out.
  • New Innovative Flashed Bling Buckles.
  • Cargo pocket located in the mat for all your valuables.
  • Removable anatomic die-cut shoulder straps and waist-belt.
  • Padded waist belt and shoulder straps for comfortable carry.
  • Stabilizer straps on carry system for a more comfortable and controlled carrying.
  • Brightly coloured drag handles for ease of movement.
  • Reinforced bar tacks at high stress points.

 Climbing is inherently dangerous. By placing an order and renting a crash pad you agree to waive any and all liablity against Sender Gear in case of personal injury. 

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