Red Point - Grey /Blue Omsight

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The “Red Point ” Climbing Pants

Simplicity is key for our RED POINT model, with an unique visual twist. The durable, elastic and quick drying fabric is great for those long indoor or outdoor climbing sessions. This model also features the Omsight free-range gusset, anatomic knee seams and ankle cord lock system for a feeling of absolute freedom. The raindrop shape on the front and triple color design on the back pocket  aims to inspire your natural desire for freedom. 


  • Elastic waist  band
  • Cord for further tightening
  • Two big oval front pockets
  • Triple color rear pocket
  • Omsight patch
  • Strong  steams
  • Quickdraw key chain
  • Brush pocket
  • Anatomy knee steams
  • Ancle cord lock
  • Ykk stoppers and zippers