Tenaya Shoe Collection @ Sender Gear, Canada

Performance without Pain.


Between Josune Bereziartu becoming the first woman in history to break the 9a barrier and Alex Megos making the first world 9a onsight route, both wearing Tenaya shoes (models Aqua and Inti respectively) eleven years have passed. It is a great satisfaction to see that our climbing shoes are reaching the maximum difficulty that a climber can achieve. Nowadays, Tenaya is present in five continents and it is facing on and on the most of the hardest routes in the world. Throughout the whole of this period Tenaya’s development and design team, with more than thirty years of experience, and always motivated by the common passion we share for our sport, have worked ceaselessly towards one goal: build the highest quality climbing shoes possible.

 As our stock levels are always changing, we have provided our customers with the option to pre order / reserve products. If the size you need is out of stock, please order from the pre order selection and reserve your kicks today.

The sizes presented are in the original UK sizes for ease of sizing.