Meet our Shoe and Gear tester :-)

Welcome to Sender Gear. Allow us to introduce our #KidKrusher gear tester.

The one and only......Dani aka "The Danimal". 

She is a competition climber, and started climbing in itsy bitsy little kids Puma's when she was still in diapers.
#KidKrusher in Diapers.        
We believe that the best person to give a review on a kids shoe, harness, chalk bag etc is a kid.
Makes sense no? How do we as adults really understand what kids want on their feet? You can't put it on, you can't feel your foot inside it, and really we are not kids anymore ....(that can be debated LOL). Other than asking your #kidKrusher a million questions, or having to deal with non stop complaints.."It hurts my feet, I don't like the colour, I don't like these shoes".
Let the Danimal handle the kids perspective on gear. She really does know what she is talking about.
There will be a parent's supplement to Dani's reviews with a parent's analysis as to the durability, quality, and suitability, cost analysis based on our experience to help answer your questions.
At Sender Gear, its not just about selling you products. Its about putting you and your Krusher in the "right" products and gear.