New to Climbing Parents

Welcome to our "information" page for parents new to climbing.

The intent of our blogs, information pages and articles is to help guide you and your kids into the great community of climbing.  We do not know it all by any means, but what do know we are always willing to share. We still look for advice for ourselves.

We as a family entered the climbing community thru our kids. They have led us down this path of climbing, competition, community and friendships. No, we are not old dirt baggers that had kids and brought them into climbing. Much the opposite. They brought us to climbing and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

What can we offer? Shoes and equipment, tempered with our experiences on picking the right gear based on your child's abilities and technical skill level. Our perspective and humble advice on topics such as competition climbing, climbing as a family and our observations of the climbing community that we are involved with.

We are committed to working with you to enjoy climbing with your kids, as we do with ours. And the opportunity to experience the wonderful journey of life, climbing and youth sports.

Some of the key questions and issue's that parents have: 

  • What age is appropriate for my child to start climbing?
  • What size shoes should I get?
  • How long should a rock shoe last?
  • How do I determine my child's foot shape and size?
  • Is a performance shoe harmful to my youth krusher's growth?
  • What opportunities exist for me to interact and support my child in climbing since I am not a climber?
  • Is competition climbing for us?
  • Am I too old to start climbing as a parent?

Our blogs are meant to address common questions, and we offer only our experiences. That's what we know. Do we have all the answers? Nope. But we certainly do have an awesome resource base of knowledgeable people around us that do.

We want you to help us. Let us know what topics and  subjects you want us to present and lets build the information database together, for each other. If you already have a blog that relates to climbing, youth sports, kids development, please us know. We are always learning and sharing info.

As we are still developing content, bear with us. Its is a ton of work :-). But we are not complaining. Only asking for your patience. 

 If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Below is just a snippet of our journey thru life with little krushers. For us, it all started with a small boulder wall in a gymnastics club,  :-) #KidKrusher

Welcome to Sender Gear. 

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