Pre-Order products

Pre-orders will be delivered on an approximate schedule of every 3 months.

 Our Pre-order system will allow you to get the products you want, at a great price.

We at Sender Gear understand how challenging it can be to get the quality gear that you see in the magazines. You spend hours searching for a local option, only to find out...they don't have a rep or retailer here.

Whaaatttt!!! I want those shoes, but I am not buying a piece of gear from across the world only to find I hate the fit, or they sent the wrong shoe size. How can a magazine do a review on stuff, that I can't get? Talk about dangling a big piece of chocolate in front of you.....behind some plexiglass lol.

Or, you look across the southern border and it just seems there is just more selection of quality gear. And yup that is the case. Here in Canada, sometimes you just can't get the stuff you want without jumping thru hoops. Picking up a set of shoes, getting it shipped from across the world, most times just isn't practical or economical.

Our solution: Pre-Order gear from the brands we have on board. We are here to offer you the opportunity to cherry pick our vendor catalogs, consolidate your order and get you the best possible deal on the gear you want. 

Come out to a demo night, shoot us an email, let us know what you want. 

Know the brand and the fit, just don't know where to get them? We got it covered.