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The Ninja – It might be small, but…

We all know the hassle of packing up all our belongings and moving on to the next boulder. It truly can feel like work, which is not what you want when out bouldering.

With the Ninja, you are only a single fold and two buckles away from getting on that next project without having to worry about losing your climbing gear. The single fold design of the Flashed Ninja Crash Pad allows you to put even larger items like your backpack in your pad and the flap makes sure nothing can fall out.

Since that can get heavy, we equipped the Ninja with foam padded shoulder straps and a padded, adjustable waist belt to make sure your approach is a comfortable one, whether it is long or short.

It might be small, but we made sure that it’s not only fast and light but also strong and safe. Two layers of high quality foam offer a soft and stable landing without having to worry about bottoming out and the hand sewn Cordura cover makes sure that foam has a long life ahead of it.

Having a high standard we decided not to stop there and beefed up the buckles and gave them a sweet name – the Flashed Bling Buckles, threw in a life time warranty on them for you and added a little stash pocket for the sending treat of your choice.

Happy Climbing and be safe!

NOTE: Please contact us for this product. Due the size of the product, additional shipping charges may apply.


50” x 36” x 3.5”
Weight: 5.5kgs / 12lbs
Colors: Blue / Yellow, Blue / Red


  • Single-fold design.
  • 3.5 inches of high quality foam, stacked closed-cell over open-cell for great force dispersal and no bottoming out.
  • Flashed signature closure system secures tightly.
  • Butterfly strap at bottom keeps the gear inside.
  • Cargo pocket located in the mat for all your valuables.
  • Innovative Flashed Bling Buckles.
  • Padded waist belt and shoulder straps for comfortable carry.
  • Reinforced bar tacks at high stress points.