Flashed Ronin - Pre-Order

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Four hundred and thirty two little air-filled crash cells absorb the impact of landings. Flashed Air Technology (FAT) outperforms regular open cell foam in absorbing kinetic energy and providing zero bounce. FAT cells are also extremely durable, and last up to three times longer than open cell foam. It will change bouldering as we know it.

NOTE: Please contact us for this product. Due the size of the product, additional shipping charges apply.


  • Single-fold design.
  • Closure system that utilizes flaps to securely close the mat and keep all items inside.
  • FAT cells covered top and bottom with high tenacity closed-cell foam for a grand total of 5″ cushion.
  • Cargo pocket located in the mat for all your valuables.
  • Padded waist belt and shoulder straps for comfortable carry.
  • Stabilizer straps on carry system for a more comfortable and controlled carrying.
  • Made in Canada