Onsight Women's - Purple / Yellow Pants - Omsight

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The durable, elastic and quick-drying fabric makes these pants great for boulder, sport and gym climbing. The design features a comfortable elastic waistband with an integrated drawstring for those occasions when you fill up all five of your pockets. The Omsight free-range gusset, anatomic knee seams and ankle cord lock system provide unobstructed movement in all situations. Thanks to the ankle cord lock system, you will never have to waste precious energy trying to locate those small footholds.


  • Elastic waist  band
  • Cord for further tightening
  • Two big front pockets
  • Front right secret pocket
  • Omsight patch
  • Onsight graphic
  • Strong triple steams
  • Big zipper pocket
  • Quickdraw key chain
  • Brush pocket
  • Anatomy knee steams
  • Ancle cord lock
  • Ykk stoppers and zippers

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