Rocket Fuel - Olicamp - 100Grams/3.5oz

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Olicamp Fuel is blended for all season performance. High values of fuel propellant provide cold weather output and bring you quick and fuel efficient boil times. Standard screw-on valve fits a variety of appliances. Outside use only. 

This item does not ship. Available for pick up only. (Hamilton location or at gym demo's with prior arrangements)   


"Olicamp Rocketfuel is the best cold weather blend available in North America – at least based on the label.  It has 75% isobutane and 25% propane.  It's performance will not be radically better than an 80/20 mix, but Olicamp's 75/25 is a slightly better mix – if it is pure.  Any time there is isobutane, there will always be a certain percentage of plain n-butane present as well.  Here, quality control is essential.  How committed is Olicamp to quality control?  I don't know, but generally Olicamp Rocket Fuel's reputation is good.  Olicamp specifically advertises their blend, so they are clearly aware of the implications of the mix and are marketing it on that basis."